Build summary sheets quickly with Excel's Paste Options

If you need to link cells in your Microsoft Excel workbook to cells in other worksheets, then discover how easy it is to use Word 2002's Paste Options Smart Tags. Also, learn how to use the Paste Button to link to a cell in Word 2003.

When building a summary sheet of data in your Microsoft Excel workbook, you often need to link cells to cells in other worksheets. For example, suppose your workbook consists of four worksheets, one for each quarter, showing monthly sales with a total for the quarter. You want to create a worksheet that adds up each quarter's total sales and displays a total for the year.

Introduced in Word 2002, Paste Options Smart Tags lets you link a cell in two steps. First, copy the 1st Quarter Total cell to the Summary worksheet using any copy method you choose. Then, click on the Smart Tag and choose Link Cells. The cell now contains a link to the 1st Quarter Total cell. You can repeat this process to copy the rest of the totals to the summary sheet.

In addition to the Paste Option Smart Tag, Word 2003 also adds a link function to the Paste Button in the toolbar. To use the Paste Button to link to a cell, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the 1st Quarter Total cell, and then click in the cell in the worksheet where you want to paste the link.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow of the Paste button in the standard toolbar, and select Paste Link.

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