Ford CTO explains solar power in electric vehicles at CES 2014

TechRepublic interviewed Ford CTO Paul Mascarenas at CES 2014 and talked about Ford's latest concept of integrating solar power with electric vehicles. Watch the video clip.

Bill Detwiler and I interviewed Ford CTO Paul Mascarenas on the CNET Stage at CES 2014. One of the key topics we dove into was Ford's new concept of integrating solar energy into its electric vehicles. Watch this two-minute clip of the conversation. The graphics below also help explain how the technology concept works and so does Ford's concept video on this.

 Image: Ford
 Image: Ford

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Solar should be facing the correct direction to the Sun and at the correct angle to get the most energy. It's much better to put the panels at your home or on a solar parking structure to get the most out the energy. I run my home and Focus EV.  

It's great they used Sunpower which is the most efficient PV panel making almost twice what other panels make is the same size =D```````plugin

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