Customize Word text wrapping with Edit Wrap Points

Not everything is modular and even. That's why Word's Edit Wrap Points feature lets you decide how you want your text to flow around your graphics—even if the images are irregularly shaped. Mary Ann Richardson explains how to use Edit Wrap Points, and make text line up elegantly.

When you use some of the options under Word's Text Wrapping tool, are you ever dissatisfied with how the text wraps around your picture? There's no need to adjust the text; Word's Edit Wrap Points feature lets you customize how the text wraps around your picture—without moving or reformatting the text. You simply adjust the set of points around your picture to create a boundary for the text.

Suppose you paste an irregularly shaped picture into your document. Then, you use the square option under the Text Wrapping tool in the Picture toolbar; unfortunately, the text wraps haphazardly around the picture. Rather than trying to move the text, follow these steps to adjust the border around your picture:

  1. Select the picture.
  2. Click the Text Wrapping tool in the Picture toolbar and select Edit Wrap Points from the drop-down list.
  3. Use the dashed red line that appears around your picture to change the border by clicking and dragging one of the handles with the mouse pointer to where you want the edge to be.
  4. Continue adjusting the points around the picture until the text is correctly positioned around the picture. The text will adjust accordingly.

You aren't limited to the points shown on the red-dashed boundary for the object. You can create your own points simply by clicking anywhere on the line and dragging the new point to where you want it to be the edge of the border.

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