Cut down on worksheet typing with Excel formulas

Tired of typing the same list of items across a number of Excel cells for each worksheet you add to your workbook? Then learn how to create a named formula that will enter the data for you.

If you find yourself typing the same list of items across a number of Microsoft Excel cells over and over again for each worksheet you add to your workbook, you can save yourself considerable typing by creating a named formula to enter the data for you.

For example, suppose you need to type the names of your Sales Regions in row 2 of every worksheet. First, create the named formula by following these steps:

  1. Press [Ctrl][F3].
  2. Enter SalesRegions in the Names In Workbook Text box.
  3. In the Refers To text box, enter the following array formula:
={"North West","NorthEast","SouthEast","South West"}
  1. Click Add and then click OK.

Then, in order to add this list to row 2 of your worksheet, select the range B2:E2, type =SalesRegions in the formula bar, and then press [Ctrl][Shift][Enter].

You can also use this method to enter labels down a column. However, instead of using a comma to separate the regions, you would use a semicolon, as shown below:

={"North West";"North East";"South East";"South West"}

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