Distribute data evenly across your Word table's columns and rows

If you're having trouble reading the text in your Microsoft Word table, then you may want to override the default setting and add line spacing and realign data within table cells. Mary Ann Richardson explains how in this Word tip.

By default, text entered in a Microsoft Word table is placed in the first line of the cell and is aligned along the cell's left border. This default placement often looks crowded and is difficult to read.

You can save yourself from having to go back and add line spacing and align data within your table cells by making Word evenly distribute the data for you. Here's how:

Select the rows you want to reformat.

  1. Click the Tables And Borders button in the Standard toolbar.
  2. Click the Distribute Rows Evenly button on the Tables And Borders toolbar.

You can also use the same technique to reformat the columns by selecting the columns you want to reformat and clicking the Distribute Columns Evenly button on the Tables And Borders toolbar.

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