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Get a visual of Internet Explorer 7.0 with this photo gallery

With this TechRepublic photo gallergy, you can take a look at the new interface and several of the most highly-anticipated new features of Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 1.

Internet Explorer has been steadily losing market share to Firefox during the past year, and as a result Microsoft decided to step up and release a new version of IE before Vista - the next version of Windows - comes out next year. Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 1 provides a first glance at where Microsoft is headed with its Web browser.

IE7 contains a variety of new features and enhancements, including tabbed browsing, a built-in search bar, anti-phishing tools, and RSS integration. TechRepublic's Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 1 photo gallery allows you to thumb through a collection of screen shots of IE7 and some of its most anticipated new features. There are also screen shots of new dialog boxes, settings windows, and toolbars, as well as a close look at the the new Phishing Filter.

IE7 and the Web browser war

TechRepublic columnist Steven Warren believes that IE7 Beta 1 is good enough to put an end to the newly rekindled browser war, as he explains in this edition of The Hot Button.

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