Prevent Excel spreadsheet headers and footers from printing over your data

Your Excel spreadsheet may look great onscreen, but when you go to print it, headers and footers may be a problem. Mary Ann Richardson explains how to increase margins and include all your data, while maintaining your document's pertinent information.

When you print your Excel worksheets, do the headers and footers print over your data? If so, they may be overriding the worksheet's margins. Excel automatically positions headers and footers a half-inch from the edge of the page and another half-inch from the data. If your header or footer is more than one line, or if you decrease the top or bottom margins, the header and footer will likely overrun the margins. You don't have to reduce the size of your header and footer to avoid overrun, just increase the margins. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to File | Print Preview.
  2. Click the Margins button.
  3. Drag the margin indicators up or down to increase the bottom and top margins, respectively.
  4. Click Close.

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