Reduce Access report margins to keep data on one page

If your Microsoft Access reports' fields are being cut off at the right margin, you can resize the field control; however, this may print some of your data on a second page. Learn how to reduce the size of your margins so the last column of data stays on one page.

While you're previewing a Microsoft Access report, you may notice that many of the fields have been cut off at the right margin. You go in and resize the field control to display the entire field's data, but the column of data for that field now prints on a second page. Changing the size of the control has increased the overall width of the report, making it too large to fit on a single page using the default margins. You need to reduce the size of your margins so the last column of data is not forced on to another page. Follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the name of the report in the database window.
  2. Click the Setup button in the Print Preview toolbar. (For Access 2000, choose File | Page Setup.)
  3. Change the left and right margins from one inch to .75, or lower as needed, and click OK.

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