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Set the current working path with VB.NET

If you want to use relative paths instead of absolute paths in your code, the ability to set the current working path can come in handy. Learn how to set the path using VB.NET.

An ability to set the current working path often comes in handy if a developer wants to be able to use relative paths instead of absolute paths in the code. In this tip, I explain how to set the current working path using VB.NET.

In the code, using relative paths is usually preferred because it simplifies the code. However, relative paths are interpreted in relation to the current working directory; therefore, changing the current working path to a needed location allows developers to use relative paths in the code.

In order to determine the current working path, I use the Directory object's GetCurrentDirectory method. And, to modify the current working path, I use the SetCurrentDirectory method of the Directory object. Additionally, you can utilize the Path object's GetFullPath method, which allows you to convert a relative path into an absolute path using the current working directory.


Add a listbox control ListBox1 to the form and add the code in Listing A. When you run the code, your result will look like Figure 1.

In this example, I initially display a current working directory (utilizing the GetCurrentDirectory method of the Directory class). Then I utilize the GetFullPath method and pass to it a file name (which in this case is text1.txt). The results of both actions are added to the listbox ListBox1 item by item. The next step is to modify the current working directory. I add an empty line to ListBox1 by adding empty quotes. Then I set the current working directory to "C:/temp". To do that, I utilize the SetCurrentDirectory method. After that, I utilize the GetFullPath method, passing to it the same file name, and the results of both actions are added to ListBox1 one by one.

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I have a need to link Access tables from one database to another, but the links are always absolute. So when the two databases get moved, even though they're still in the same folder, the links have to be refreshed using the Linked Table Manager - which opens the possibility for mis-direction to similar databases. Any suggestions on how to do this will be appreciated. -Sharon :)

Muhammad Owais
Muhammad Owais

Imports Web and then HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("You database path") i can solve this problem with that in .net


The CurDir function returns a string with the current drive and directory. The ChDir("new_dir_here") function changes the current directory (on the current drive). To change the current drive use ChDrive("X") where X is the new drive letter. Chuck Somerville Dayton Ohio

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