Stop the PowerPoint looping!

Are you a PowerPoint guru? One of our TechRepublic readers has problems with looping when she uses action buttons in presentations. She needs your help in stopping the madness.

You’re in the middle of an important PowerPoint presentation and you click on an action button to get to a linked document. After you view the link, you click to return to the original presentation. Instead of returning to the point where you left off, you end up at the very beginning of your presentation. Is there anything more frustrating or embarrassing? One of our TrainingRepublic readers recently submitted this PowerPoint question, via e-mail, requesting your assistance. Can you help?

Gena’s PowerPoint issue
“When you apply the action buttons to hyperlink to another file, URL, etc., how do you get it to end with the last slide of the linked file instead of looping back to the beginning of the original presentation?

For example, say I am working with my original presentation, and then, I want to put an action button on the last slide to go to another presentation. I want that second presentation to run and end there instead of looping back to the beginning of my original presentation.

As another example, say I am working with my main presentation, and in the middle of the presentation I insert an action button to go to a separate Excel worksheet. I then want the ability to go back and pick up where I left off in my original presentation. Can I do that without having to right click and choose Next for next slide?”
If you can help Gena with her questions about using action buttons within PowerPoint presentations, please post your answers at the bottom of this page. Your assistance will be most appreciated.
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