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Survey: Microservers - hot or not?

What is the future of microservers? Take Tech Pro Research's survey and share your thoughts on these scaled-back, low-energy, low-cost servers.


dell poweredge microserver.jpeg
The Dell PowerEdge C5125 microserver sled
 Photo: Dell

Do low-cost microservers have a place in datacenters in the future? These diminutive, scaled-back servers can be packed into clusters to save space, energy and money. Can they handle the tasks of a busy datacenter?

Tech Pro Research, which is TechRepublic's premium content sister publication, is conducting a survey to find out about the use of microservers now and in the future.

The survey focuses on the following areas:

  • Are microservers a significant innovation?
  • Future plans for microservers
  • Reasons for using/not using microservers
  • Where microservers are being used
  • Preferred vendors
  • Microserver management

Those who participate in the survey will have the option to provide their email address for a free copy of the resulting research report, which will publish in April. This research report is normally available only to Tech Pro Research subscribers.


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Only makes sense where you need lots of redundancy and CPU power, so yes.

Will not make any economic sense for SMB's.

William R. Goebel
William R. Goebel

No, not unless you have a SAN! or several Array's. Good for Clusters attached to a SAN and lots of cash to spend. Small businesses just wont have the money to get on board with this type of Server System. but great if you have the money, and want to setup a redundant clustered system.

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