Use heading styles to create an outline of your Word report

Mary Ann Richardson explains how to create an outline of a Word report by using headings, leaving the extraneous information in the original document where it belongs.

Your supervisor asks to see an outline of your Word report before you submit the final version. Since you built your report in Outline view, you figure all you need to do is switch to your view to Outline, display the heading levels you want to include, and press [Ctrl]A and then [Ctrl]C to copy the text to a new document for submission.

However, when you paste the outline to a new blank document, all the body text and subheadings go along with it. Since you used the Standard headings in Outline view, you can still copy just the headings by using the Table of Contents feature. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the document in Page Layout view.
  2. Click at the end of the document.
  3. Go to Insert | Reference | Index And Tables.
  4. Click the Table Of Contents tab.
  5. Clear the Show Page Numbers check box and click OK.
  6. Select the entire Table Of Contents.
  7. Press [Ctrl][Shift]F9.
  8. Press [Ctrl]X.
  9. Click the New Blank Document button in the Standard toolbar.
  10. Press [Ctrl]V.
  11. Select the Table Of Contents in the new document.
  12. Go to Format | Bullets And Numbering.
  13. Click the Outline Numbered tab.
  14. Select the third box in the first row.
  15. Click OK.

You now have an outline of your document that you can edit and submit for review.

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