10+ IT organizations that can boost your career

Joining a professional organization is more than just a convenient way to beef up your resume. Groups such as the ones listed below can help you enhance your technical and career skills. If you need a first-hand opinion about a vendor -- or you want the inside scoop on a competitive job -- one of these associations can help.

Many organizations offer a wide range of benefits and services. Besides networking opportunities, several groups provide discounts on everything from magazine subscriptions to travel. Many have comprehensive Web sites and organize conferences or workshops.

TechRepublic contributor Suzanne Thornberry updated our listing of some of the best-known organizations for IT pros. The complete list, with descriptions, eligibility requirements, membership fees, links, and contact information, is available as a PDF download.

#1: American Society for Information Science & Technology

#2: Association for Computing Machinery

#3: Association for Information Systems

#4: Association for Women in Computing

#5: Association of Information Technology Professionals

#6: Data Management Association

#7: IEEE Computer Society

#8: Independent Computer Consultants Association

#9: Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals

#10: Network and Systems Professionals Association

#11: Network Professional Association

#12: Society of Computer Professionals

#13: Society for Information Management

#14: Technology Managers Forum

#15: USENIX: The Advanced Computing Systems Association

#16: Women in Technology International

Dr Dij
Dr Dij

the ACM and the IEEE. I find the free course are great and looks good on my resume. The digital magazines are mind-expanding. PLUS the ACM just sent me a COFFEE MUG!! With a picture of Charles Babbage! How cool is that!!!!?? However, not sure they'd want me in #4 or #16. Guess I'll just have to start my own: 'Association for MEN in Computing' and 'Men in Technology International' Poor, ignored MEN! And of course being a battered husband (I don't mean the deep fried kind of batter) as my wife hits me with a pillow whenever I say something she doesn't agree with, or tell her that Hillary will spend all our taxpayer money. or when I try to get the remote to watch more MANLY programs like animals eating each other, or 'Really Big Things', or naturalists grabbing really dangerous snakes or komodo dragons or anything else bitey by the tail (while climbing a a) tree, b) rocky ledge, c) swimming in a fetid tropical swamp). Or Alexander the great storming the island of Tyre. And after all, I have the inate need to know what the biggest steam shovel in the world is, or that the earth may someday be ionized (fried) by an x-ray pulaar! I'm tired of having to watch FASHION SHOWS, WHOSE WEDDING IS THIS ANYWAY.. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW (tho the Lewis and Clark map was neat). It's time us MEN STOOD UP for ourselves!!!


I am a woman in computing and I have to say that's embarrassing. They also have FrontPage tags showing on some of the page footers. And the NYC chapter's link leads to a blank parking page. I wish the author of this article had actually checked the pages before calling this an "updated" list.


All I got was the 5" travel set, it doesn't even have a remote control! But it's "cable-ready"...

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