Call for writers: Asian Technology

If you want to write about tech trends and product developments for TechRepublic's Asian Technology blog, please contact us.
TechRepublic is looking for contributors to write about the most important trends and product developments coming out of the East, and to evaluate what they mean for the business technology market for our Asian Technology blog. You could also interview IT pros and industry experts to get their opinions about a product launch, a tech trend, or a best practice.

If you are interested in writing for TechRepublic's Asian Technology blog, please email Senior Editor Sonja Thompson (sonja dot thompson at cbs dot com), and tell her about your IT and writing background. She will provide you with more details about this assignment.

Even if you aren't interested in becoming a TechRepublic contributing writer, please post your suggestions about what topics you'd like us to cover in the Asian Technology blog.


Mary Weilage is a Senior Editor for CBS Interactive. She has worked for TechRepublic since 1999.


Why not spend the time making a geek oriented blog and get a writer that has a crazy amount of knowledge about geeky stuff. We can call it something like geekday or geekend. I bet people would want to read that.


Everytime that I read off-shore articles from Britian & Austrialia, I'm thinking, 'Why only this miniscule corner of the world.. What happened to Europe? The former East Bloc? USSR etc., etc. We might have some eye-openers there. Yes, I realize there is a language issue, but we went through planes & boats & cars & trains, didn't we?

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