AtG: CityRail's USB woes, RIM double whammy, and Windows Store

Did you know Sydney's RailCorp sells USB keys in pristine condition, complete with user information?

Here's something that worries me a little: RailCorp holds a lost property auction and some of that property is USB keys --- auctioned off in the same condition as they were when they were lost. That means that some of them contain resumes, job application letters, university assignments and tax information. Sister site ZDNet Australia's Michael Lee put together the yarn that details how Sophos' Paul Ducklin picked up 50 USB keys for about $400, and two thirds contained malware to boot.

It certainly makes me worry about forgetting to zip up my bag and to be more careful when rummaging around on public transport; encrypting removable media would be a good tip, too.

It has been confirmed that once again Australians will not be receiving the same deals as our North American counterparts, as RIM revealed that Australia will not be getting a PlayBook fire sale --- if you happen to want one to stuff a stocking, I guess it's back to the usual grey importing.

Overnight RIM decided that its as-yet unreleased BBX operating system would be relabelled BlackBerry 10 after losing a restraining order appeal in a US District Court.

Finally, the news of international importance as Microsoft previewed its Windows Store. For developers, Microsoft is promoting its install base and the fact that they will only take 20 percent of an application's lifetime revenue after it has surpassed $25,000. Interestingly, the company will not open application uploading until it is released with the Windows 8 beta in February 2012, but is trying to woo developers with a contest in the meantime. Apps that get into the store during the Windows 8 beta will have to be free, Metro-based applications. For all the details, and marketing fluff, read the full announcement on the Windows Store blog.


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If they are taking a cut, then they need to make sure of quality, no selling applications that are viruses or that don't work. Of course, I foresee the return of shareware programs, trail software with an option to buy the whole program, or limited number of uses or days, just to avoid paying that 20% cut.


for the the price to go to $400 or the equivalent of $8.00 per stick who is buying and for what purpose.

HAL 9000
HAL 9000

And at Auctions some people in an attempt to get a Bargain pay much more than what the item they are bidding on is actually worth. However as they Won the Auction they feel like a winner no matter how much they ended up paying for whatever it is that they where bidding on. ;) I remember being at one Railway Auction many years ago and watching several people fight like their lives depended on an Umbrella. They ended up paying 3 times it's new cost. I on the other hand walked out with a IBM Scalatric Golf Ball Correcting Typewriter and a box of ribbons for $2.00 though I'm just not sure how someone lost one of those on a Passenger Train. Another thing that I bought was a Massive Marque for $50.00 complete. Again I'm not sure just who would carry something like that on a Passenger Train or how they could misplace it. :^0 Col


Nice work, Sydney Rail. That sounds terribly irresponsible. BBX: That's stupid, there could be no brand confusion between the two, and RIM would hardly be profiting from the brand recognition of Basis International. [quote]US District Judge William P. Johnson in Albuquerque granted a temporary restraining order requested by Basis International that bars RIM from using the BBX mark. In granting the request, the court concluded that "the BBX mark is identical to the mark which RIM is allegedly using to present its BBX product".[/quote] Clueless git.

Chris Duckett
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That the Windows App Store will have the ability for users to trial software -- something I'd like to see other stores follow.

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