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Google creates entrepreneur day, ends IE8 support for Apps

Sydney will host the technical entrepreneur day in October.

Google has announced an event focused on the technical side of entrepreneurism, titled "Google for Entrepreneurs Day".

The event will be hosted in Sydney on Monday, October 8.

Technical tracks will unsurprisingly be focused on Google technologies, and include talks on Android, Chrome, Google+, Analytics, Adwords, marketing, the "cloud," and YouTube.

Keynote speakers will be Google Australia Managing Director Nick Leeder, Engineering Director Alan Noble, and local Head of Google Enterprise Stuart McLean.

Google says that space is limited, and people wishing to attend should register their interest for a chance to attend.

IE8? No Apps for you

As part of Google's plan to support only the latest two major releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, the company has announced that it has pulled support for IE8 in its Apps suite.

This support covers both the publicly available Google Apps and Google Apps for Business, Education and Government.

IE8 support will end on November 15. Users of IE8 who go to Google Apps after that date will receive a message recommending that they upgrade their browser.

Given that Internet Explorer 9 is only available for users of Windows Vista and above, and the new Safari 6 is not available for Windows users — the Google supported browser choice for Windows XP users has dwindled down to Firefox and Google Chrome.


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Deadly Ernest
Deadly Ernest like.author.displayName 1 Like

the whole concept of HTML and its use was to be totally platform independent. What went wrong was that some proprietary companies made their browsers to NOT be platform independent sop they could better control the use of the browser and its performance. Instead of fighting that, many developers just accepted it and went with the flow - thus the issues with special needs of certain browsers. Then, to make matters worse, we had some proprietary companies introducing special programs to make the web pages fancier and the developers not only swallowed them whole, they started using proprietary software that made pages that we very heavily dependent upon that proprietary software to work, and thus also very browser dependent. Well, it seems the developers now have to rethink and go back to what they should have been doing in the first place: - designing things to work perfectly on any platform and only according to the Industry Standards, then we wouldn't have this sort of special needs for browsers.


It doesn't matter.I have win7 and IE9 LOL. I also have a XP, but I think I can still access the google apps without changing the trident engine. I can assign this kind of websites to be always opened with firefox/chrome engine and keep IE as my default engine via Avant browser. No need to change a browser,very convenient.

vaughndumas like.author.displayName 1 Like

Good on you, Google. People (and companies!!) should start to realize that you need to keep updated and ensure you have the latest browser. You cannot keep using IE6 (oh yes!) forever, and software companies don't want to waste their time supporting these.


Opera. Windows XP users that have the need to access Google Apps might decide to go with a more secure browser that still supports whatever operating system they choose. Though it's more likely they will have Chrome shoved in their face at every refresh of a page at Google sites, or Flash updates.

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