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Watch HTML5 intro to Web Directions

Take some WebGL, a little Canvas, with CSS transitions, CSS 3D transforms and CSS masks thrown into the mix and you get this year's introduction montage for Web Directions South.

It's a great way to start a conference by showing the capabilities of the technologies to be discussed, and this year's Web Directions South was no exception.

The creator in this sequence, Cameron Adams, has posted a video and an in-browser page for the adventurous. We couldn't get the in-browser page for 2011 to work, but we suspect it was our laptop that wasn't crunching fast enough.

Adams also did the titles for WDS 2010, which used 2458 lines of JavaScript and 841 lines of CSS.


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Chaz Chance#
Chaz Chance#

I turned off when it said "only viewable in chrome". I have seen so much stuff that only runs in a specific environment, if the wind blows the right way... Nowadays I wait for them to mature enough that they can will work in a wider range of environments, and I will do the same with this, if it ever does...


That was so awesome... I'm sure it took a while to make, but its great seeing the future of the internet. This made me really want to learn HTML5 and CSS3.

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