Windows 8 set for October arrival

Microsoft has narrowed the final release dates down to a week.

The drip feed of release dates for the upcoming Windows 8 release continues, with Microsoft announcing that the new operating system will be released to manufacturing in the first week of August.

General availability is scheduled for the end of October. Enterprise customers with software assurance will have access to Windows 8 in August.

This announcement also serves to lock in the schedule for Microsoft's Surface tablet. Last month, in its Surface announcement, the company said that the Windows RT version of the tablet will be available at the same time as Windows 8 general availability. The Intel-based Surface model is expected to be available 90 days thereafter. That would make the Intel version release date a post-Christmas one.

The release dates for Windows Server 2012 have also been set. RTM will be happening in August as well, with general availability set for September.

On the pricing side, Microsoft will be running a $40 promotion for Windows 8 until 31 January 2013.

Details on the various editions of Windows 8 were announced in April.


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I have been using Windows 8 since the consumer preview was released on a desktop (no touch screen). I find it very easy to maneuver and very reliable. When installed the OS installed all drivers needed. All the setting are default and everything seems to function as they should. I have been able to install all programs that I previously used in XP and Windows 7 with no problem. I will be upgrading all of my boxes when Windows 8 is released.


"I will be upgrading all of my boxes when Windows 8 is released." What benefits do you see in return for your money?

suziep12 1 Like

I so don't trust Windows 8 after being shafted by Vista's never ending bluescreens, that I will not be buying the windows 8 license for my new laptop in November until after at least a month to make sure it's not another steaming pile of you-know-what as Vista was! If so, it's back to Windows 7 I will be a-going!

gcrain 2 Like

Let me take this opportunity to not care.

CharlieSpencer 1 Like

Call me when the first service pack is released.

wjohnatty 1 Like

End july?

HAL 9000
HAL 9000 1 Like

Microsoft is probably already selling it through the Pirate Community now. They are the Best Testers who will report any faults and even better they are willing to pay Microsoft for the privilege without complaint. ;) Col

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