Windows 8 ups minimum resolutions

The 800x600 resolution's final demise on the desktop will be accelerated by Windows 8 requiring a minimum resolution of 1024x768 for Metro applications to run.

Microsoft said on its Windows 8 blog that 98.8 percent of its Windows 7 users can run 1024x768 resolution or higher.

The stats back up this claim, as StatCounter shows that the 1024x768 is the most popular resolution in use today.

The Redmond giant went further and said that a resolution of 1366x768 is needed to support all of Windows 8's features. This resolution can fit a snapped application of 320px horizontally plus have another application open at 1024x768.

Machines running Windows 8 and having a resolution lower than 1024x768 will work but only support running desktop (non-Metro) applications.

This Metro restriction gives insight to the form factor of tablets that will run Windows 8 --- 7 inchers need not apply. Windows tablets are going to be on the larger end of the spectrum.

On the desktop I am thankful for this move. Hopefully, it can convince web designers that they can safely move beyond columns for content that are wider than 600 to 900 pixels and that they can use CSS media queries make their sites fit, or my preferred option which is to have websites fluid in design.

Most of the web is guilty of this practice and I do wish it would end.


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Many of my clients are senoir citizens, for them the 800x600 res is a godsend for there older eyes. Also still havent seen what metro has brought to the party as a desktop UI. So I see a busy time down the line for me disabling and adjusting new systems.


I have a few seniors as well. Some have purchased larger screens primarily for the eyesight but as well as the fact that some programs do not work well or have issues at 800*600. Others want bigger screens so there is more room on the desktop. 22+" screens have dropped plenty over the past few years and most seniors can get by with a base model screen.

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