Looking for mobile app developers

If you've done some mobile app development and would like to share your expertise with TechRepublic members, here's your chance.

We're going to start a new blog at TechRepublic that will focus on the hot field of mobile development. If you are a developer of mobile apps and would like to share your expertise with the TR audience, let me know. Just drop me an email expressing your interest and describing your credentials, and we'll go from there!


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Mobile development is still exploding and new technologies appear very rapidly. We can share our experience the with audience. My company started mobile development (java ME) when there was no iPhone on market, and now we work even on Samsung BADA (which is popular in Europe). Mobo Studio


You should have done it 2 years ago. MAC did it 2 years ago, Android 1 year ago. Mac and android is sitting on 70% of the smart phone market. Now you want to do it on a market that nearly don???t exist? Most people by fighter ???I-phone??? or a android Phone. And actually be course of the apps. How do you intend to program Windows mobile back to that??? Gert IT Manager PS: Former Pogramer

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