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Looking for recent war vets

TechRepublic is interested in hearing how recent technology helped soldiers keep in touch with family members during deployments.
As William Tecumseh Sherman is famous for saying, war is hell. Of all the more obvious reasons it is, one is because soldiers are far away from their families. This is a pain felt by those serving and those waiting at home.

With the commercialization of IT comes one strong benefit--soldiers can talk to their families more frequently, by phone or on the computer, and, in the case of real-time video communications, look directly into the eyes of their loved ones as they do so.

TechRepublic is interested in hearing how technology helped you keep in touch with your family during your deployment. If you can speak to the experience both as someone getting the benefit of the technology and as someone who experienced some of its limitations, I'd love to hear from you. Just shoot me an email at

I look forward to hearing from you.


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My daughter works for a well-known computer company. She informed me last night that her department was NOT going to be allowed to ship overseas the fifty laptops they had collected for our deployed troops. It seems that there are new comsec and opsec rules that now have cut off the use of computers in "sensitive" areas. I can understand the need for security, but this is going to hurt. Those laptops will be distributed to wounded warriors and to families of our troops.

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Wounded Warriors Military base Commanders - they can contact LOTS of useful people Veterans Associations The Patriot Guard all have web sites with addresses and contacts for local areas.

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