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Simon Cowell and the search for the next tech star

Simon Cowell is partnering with musician on a new talent search show. Only this time, the search is for the next big tech star.

So you thought the road to instant fame was outside your reach since you can't sing or dance? Well, think again. Apparently, Simon Cowell, the brains behind American Idol and X Factor, is planning a TV show that will focus on finding the next big tech entrepreneur who will follow in the path of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.

And it gets weirder: Musician and music producer will be the co-partner on the venture. He told The Sun, "We're working on a project called X Factor for tech - and it's going to be out of this world. Singing and performance create a couple of jobs. But this will create lots. It's about getting in touch with youth and giving them a platform to express themselves - whether that's in science or mathematics."

Can't disagree with that logic.


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"The next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg" has his or her head down, is putting in 100+ hour work weeks, and will never compromise their vision by entrusting it to anyone else, much less reality TV stars and pop producers who are on their way out. As a former working and touring musician myself, I have seen the contracts you sign for "winning" (or even making it to one of the final rounds of) these shows and they are not drawn up in your favor. The same thing will happen here. Simon Coward and talent.i.had will be contractually invested in the "winner's" venture without bringing anything to the table and will take more out of it than the individual whose idea it was in the first place. It's a scam and these people are the proprietors of false dreams, a huge factor in the downfall of the music industry (now gunning for tech!), and, essentially, the scum of the earth.


Cowell has already admitted to his "X-Factor" being a ratings failure. Now, we are expected to sit through advertising-supported drivel to see over-anxious geeks derided for their mis-guided attempts at being "discovered"? Doubt that I will be tuning in.


Thats what the tech industry really needs. Another Prima Donna with a vision for our future and a semi-religious following, to spend decades dragging us down a path of their own vision. Bill Gates had a vision and the determination to make it live. He worked hard, bought, sold, even stole to give it to us and what we have now is a stinking mess. Bill left Microsoft and went to pursue his original vision of giving people what they needed. Why? Because he dreamt of giving us computing power at the tips of our fingers to enable a better world, and what we got is Teh Internets, a little black book for ****, a platform for hurling insults and a means for everyone to behave like they have no common sense whatsoever. I'm pretty sure that doesnt stack up well against his idea of a collaborative network with open communications. Bill Gates rose to power because he had a dream of building an empire, and lived it. I really dont see how the Bucks Factor is going to do more for this industry than it has for the music industry. There, it has created a false vacuum to suck in people to stupid to think for themselves and put them on a pedestal in front of a bunch of wannabes who then w**k themselves into a fervour believing they can do it too. All it does is create false empowerment, as people believe they really are that special someone. The real genius wouldnt touch this bling-encrusted nightmare with a bargepole and can more usually be found working quietly towards their dream hidden as far away from all that nonsense as possible. Genius doesnt shout and say 'look at me'. Genius doesnt want a formula for success unless its figured it out personally. Genius doesnt need a leg-up, or to be in the public eye for any reason other than itself. All Cowell is going to find is a thousand wannabe Steve Jobs - maker of money, not another Bill Gates to change our world for better or worse.