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Skillsoft's inGenius really is

Skillsoft's new inGenius training program takes great advantage of social networking.

If social networking were to use its power for good, it would take the form of a new product from Skillsoft called inGenius, a collaborative social learning module. I can see how the product got its name, because this is truly an ingenius creation.

The company's web site says, "SkillSoft inGenius allows enterprise customers to securely empower their employees to find, create and share knowledge assets and expertise with their colleagues." In non-marketing speak, this means that this product offers its own learning assets--like the knowledge centers which include material specifically chosen to help learners build knowledge around a topic as quickly and efficiently as possible--but also allows company employees to share their own expertise with each other through a social networking setup.

This seems to me a good prospect at a time when training budgets have been cut and employees are too swamped to participate in formal training. And I know from personal experience that IT people are more than willing to share their expertise when asked about a specific topic.

Each learning module comes with its own targeted book and articles containing best-in-class content to get the ball rolling. When I looked, they offered modules in ITIL and ITPro. The course selections include IT Training, which helps IT pros learn while they work with an offering for cert preparation. This includes online courses and live mentoring from experts. Here's more on the IT Training course.


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Toni, We have been doing what Skillsoft is promoting for about a year now with great success in the ITIL and IT Service Management (ITSM) space. The key difference is that we only focus on the ITIL and the programs that supprt ITIL (project management, consulting workshops etc.) We are the only company offering video based training solutions for all 13 ITIL V3 certification products. Finally our support network is deep and rich with seasoned practitioners who not only help students prepare for the exams but also provide them the practical guidance they need to apply what they just learned.

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