Want to add to the iPhone feature wish list?

Here's your chance. The folks at, after using their new iPhones for a couple of days, already have some suggestions for improvement, and they want you to submit yours.

Some features that have already been suggested are:

  • Adding copy and paste functions
  • An auto dim/off function on display to conserve battery life
  • Safari password storing
  • A master "Address Book/ Contacts" button to the main interface
  • User defined custom ringtones
  • Time stamping on SMS messages

There are a gazillion more suggestions on the site as people add them. Check it out.


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Better web page zooming The ability to switch between landscape and portrait for photos and web pages MMS capability SMS Delivery Notification


I would add for Safari to remember certain things like e-mail addressed, street addressed, etc. but NEVER NEVER NEVER passwords. That???s just a bad idea altogether.


I agree with everything except password saving -- NEVER NEVER NEVER I would like to add that I wish there was a way to teach the keyboard/ dictionary words. I have used the "notes" features extensively to keep track of my day and find myself retyping some of the same words all the time and they are words that my phone doesn't know yet. The ability to type in ALL CAPS -- if it's possible to do this I haven't figured it out yet.


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