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Disk wiping tools that securely delete data

Rick Vanover recently profiled two disk-wiping solutions and detailed how they work with a series of screenshots. Which tools would you like to know more about?

Rick Vanover profiled two different disk wiping tools recently in the TechRepublic gallery. Check out these illustrated guides to using the tools, each of which includes a PDF version. Click the links or images to go to the gallery and PDF.

Zeroing a hard disk with Active@ Kill Disk

How to wipe a hard disk with DBAN

If you have questions about similar tools, or would like to see other tools profiled, let us know in the comments below.


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For me there is Only One That I Use and Trust This is EuroSoft ZeroData Program. Gives Up to DoD 7Pass write and Erasure with random seed each pass. takes an Extremely long time on 7Pass but it is totally unrecoverable even with commercial level 4Pass


I assume that the blogs are used to share the information, but not for asking people for opinions.


We've done assessments on the following for a possible addition to our business services. Cyber-Cide CyberScrub Suite Data Doctors Secure Data Wiper Dariks Boot N Nuke East-Tec Dispose Secure HDDErase Paragon Disk Wiper Pro Active@Killdisk - Suite & DOS Versions We did Exhaustive testing on both IDE (all types) and SCSI disks including RAID Arrays. We found that for IDE data destruction NOTHING, NOTHING beat HDDERASE from CMRR. It utilizes built in features to securely erase ALL data from IDE disks. The only drawback was that disks had to be newer versions (over 15Gig) and it could NOT destroy SCSI. We found that Darik's Boot N Nuke could be used to destroy SCSI disk data along with Active@killDisk. We found that KillDisk took approximately 800% longer to destroy a 40Gig disk than HDDERASE (free product). We concluded that it would take a combination of products to take care of the entire "Disk Destruction Spectrum". Some while boasting impressive results, often came out of our testing with terrible results in "REAL WORLD" stuff. I have an excel spreadsheet of our data if anyone would like it just email me.

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