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Nagios configuration made easier

While starting to configure Nagios with multiple remote

hosts, I came to appreciate just how complex the setup can be with a multitude

of files.  Luckily I have found a web

based administration for Nagios which can be used to add/modify hosts and

backup configuration.  NagiosQL is a php/mysql based

system, the project is open source and a good deal of online support is

available in the form of FAQ’s Forums and Wiki pages.  I’m going to install NagiosQL this week which

should hopefully speed up my deployment of Nagios in our company.


I have been asked if i can build and configure a virtual machine based installation of Nagios for use in teaching network management. The complete step-by-step installation and configuration must be documented. In addition, a series of experiments must be developed for students to utilise the features of this enterprise level open source software. Anyone how can guide me how can i start and what exactly i will be doing. Thanks in advance... Bye


I was tasked with doing this a few months back, unfortunately my hard drive has crashed since then or I would have sent you what I had. I sat down at a box with a fresh RHEL 5 installation and just wrote down the steps I took. I then included some simple configuration examples. (I used several screen shots as well.)

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