Five popular apps that Windows 8 supports

If you make the switch to Windows 8, you'll still be able to use these familiar apps.

Anyone thinking about Windows 8 has to be concerned about which of its applications will work with the data and applications and services they already use. Here are five applications (four that are well done, one a bit half-baked) that are Windows 8 extensions of existing Web and desktop applications.

Note: This list is also available as a photo gallery.

1: OneNote MX

I've preferred OneNote to Evernote for quire awhile now. OneNote MX in Windows 8 combines the power of the larger screen with the cloud connectivity that OneNote has had for a long time (and that is shown off in the Windows Phone 7 version). OneNote MX introduces a new UI metaphor, a command wheel (Figure A), which will be pretty nice to use on a touch screen to access multi-level command sets with ease.

Figure A

OneNote MX

2: Evernote

While Evernote hasn't kept my business like OneNote has, lots of folks live by it. Sadly, Evernote on Windows 8 (Figure B) is a total disappointment. You can't edit notes from other devices that have anything other than plain text in them, and you can't create anything but plain text -- not even a bulleted list! Unless you are a hardcore Evernote user or a heavily improved version is released, you will probably want to pass on Evernote for Windows 8.

Figure B


3: Photobucket

Photobucket has been popular for a long time, and it extends its reach with a Windows 8 app. The Photobucket app (Figure C) is fun to browse through and easy to use to upload photos to Photobucket as well. While Photobucket lacks the faddish appeal of Instagram, it is still a great tool, and professionals especially seem to like it.

Figure C


4: Kindle

No matter how tired I am, I manage to read on my Kindle every night. While there is nothing here that you haven't seen in other Kindle apps, if you use Kindle, you will want to know that all the features you need and love are on Windows 8 already.

Figure D


5: Xbox LIVE Games

One of the built-in apps, Xbox LIVE Games (Figure E), acts as a central place for gaming activity. Games can plug into it and work over the Xbox LIVE system, including earning points. It also means that games could allow multiplayer action between people using different devices entirely. Xbox LIVE Games has been neat on Windows Phone 7 and is a great piece in Windows 8, even if you do not own an Xbox.

Figure E

Xbox LIVE Games


Justin James is the Lead Architect for Conigent.

Albert Myles
Albert Myles

Maybe its just me but the title of this article makes it sound like you can't run all of your windows 7 apps in windows 8. It is like you are saying "Oh Look, here are 5 apps you can actually use in Windows 8" The start Screen has its place but its not all there is to Windows 8. Its funny to me. I honestly cannot, for the life of me, figure out why so many people are having a hard time using the Windows 8 desktop. Its actually a better experience that Windows 7.


What's sad is that this type of list is even needed. While just about every new version of Windows has some sort of compatibility issues, Win8 seems to have more than most. It doesn't bode well for it's success. MS is trying to make it a "must have" for Office 2013, but I don't think that will be enough. I'm curious to see if Win9 gets cranked out quickly the way Win7 followed Vista.

Andrea Loubier
Andrea Loubier

As an avid Windows user, I cannot wait for Windows 8 to come out. I think they need more app integration. I like evernote, but most importantly I want to be able to use the Mailbird app ( on Windows 8. Same idea of clean design and integration. I want to be able to integrate my account with Mailbird too, and keep it all managed on my desktop. What other app options does Window 8 plan to support?


Where's the rest of the seafood stew recipe? And what are you reading on the Kindle app, something by David Drake? John Ringo? It looks like some form of military sci-fi.


Kindle, maybe, the rest i'm not impressed.

Albert Myles
Albert Myles

The only compatibility issue I have had is from an obscure brainwave entrainment application. Everything else works just as well as it did under Windows 7.

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