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Celebrate Star Trek's 45th anniversary in style

Dust off your Kirk uniform, practice your Trekkie pick-up lines, and get some Romulan Ale because it's time to celebrate the anniversary of the first airing of Star Trek.

September 8, 2011 is the 45th anniversary of the broadcast of the first episode of Star Trek. On that Thursday evening in 1966, the public was shown a future where a united humanity had conquered its differences and reached for the stars. After the broadcast of that episode, The Man Trap, the future was a little different and a little brighter than it had been only an hour before. Forty-five years later, the Star Trek franchise includes 723 TV episodes spread across six series and 11 movies, a lot of music, enough books to build a medium-size library, and another movie coming "real soon." In my opinion, the anniversary of the airing of the first episode warrants a party.

Some people might think a Star Trek anniversary party is a wee bit odd but not me. I'm the guy who once got September 8th off during a development cycle when nobody was getting days off. I accomplished this by informing my manager that it was a religious holiday and that was it. So, doesn't a holiday deserve a celebration?

Parties of this nature need to be done right; otherwise, you might as well put on your redshirt, run out to the store, and accept the inevitable. The logical party planning Trekkie would carefully consider the food, drinks, what to wear, music, and video. Here are my suggestions.


If you're having pizza, you need to at least carry it like Captain Kirk -- vertical and under his arm. Or, better yet, you can make something from The Star Trek Cookbook by Ethan Phillips (who played Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager) and William J. Birnes. Unless, of course, you can lay your hands on some Klingon serpent worms so that you can make Gagh.


You'll need something to wash down that Rokeg Blood Pie, and what could be more appropriate than Romulan Ale? I hear that the fine folks at ThinkGeek have a friend that every once in a while brings a case across the Neutral Zone. Wait, maybe that was Doctor McCoy. Either way, it beats prune juice... unless you're a Klingon.


The big question before a party is always what to wear. Should I go casual? Should I get dressed up, wear something suitable for everyday, or go really casual? It doesn't matter, because I know that the folks at pretty much have my clothing needs, eh, covered.


With the music, I figure things can go one of two ways: get a copy of Leslie Fish's Banned from Argo or play the soundtracks to the TV shows and movies, which are suitable for all audiences. The soundtracks are actually very good, although fans of the movie Aliens might recognize a note or two in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. (Hint: compare when the Enterprise rises up behind the Reliant in the nebular and when the drop-ship rises to the platform in the air processing plant.)


This is a no-brainer. There are 23 days, 1 hour and 21 minutes of Star Trek on video -- that's long enough even if the party was thrown on 892-IV.


I might even try out my pickup lines on my wife. Who knows, maybe she'll take pity on a hopeful Star Trek geek, and the lines might actually work.

Share your party plans

I'm looking forward to my celebration plans for September 8, 2011. How do you plan to mark the occasion in Trek-worthy style?

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Note: is a CBS brand.


Don't forget, about the music - got to number 1, in the UK for many weeks "Star Trekin" by "The Firm", (the first group, called The Firm, not the other one)!

PepsiMama 1 Like

I was ROFLOLOLOL! My brother was the same Trekker as you were; drove my whole family nuts! If you and my brother had met, got married, would your inside of your house be entirely devoted to Trek-dom? I can picture it, the triple chess on the space aged proto-type coffee table. OMG! Just what I needed a big laugh! I am going to be forwarding this to my brother for him to read up on. He had to sell it all too. Thanks Head Storms, just what I needed after a stressful week, a flash-back of memories and a big laugh! I never was I Star Trek fan, but I do admit that I thought Scottie, the Scot in there on Star Trek I think, was funny as I can now hear my father, who is dead now, screaming at him to turn the television down. Yes, you are so right about the series, for my brother would be screaming out as if there was bloody murder that had been committed in the house with a loud "No's!", for such was he devoted to it. He had to give it all up when he headed to College in late 70s. He also watched every Star Trek movies that came out too, yet his wife thought it darned boring. She also never was a Trekker. OMG! I will never forget the day when they had the Star Trek Convention in our town here which she phoned me and said "I am definitely not going, want to go shopping with me?" LOL LOL LOL LOL! Thanks Head Storms! One more thing, my Paw Paw was a old man and he too was a Trekker, it was his television show, and Ma despisd it as she would rather watch the other show kept nagging at him that those were kids stuff, plus it would give him a heart attack. Never did, always had his Jiffy Pop ready before the show came on. LOL LOL LOL

Awahili Guni
Awahili Guni

You're most welcomed! Glad my posting brought you back memories, and yes, indeed they had that triple decker chess set, in fact I almost bought one until I saw the price tag; your Ma could nag at me about giving me a heart attack. Gee whiz, those things were darned expensive! What was worse was - they were special editions and limited: While ALWAYS USS Enterprise on the "Good Guys" side, it was the opposite side which varied, you had Vulcans series, Klingon series, et al - made of pewter on glass which was etched. Then another one that was metal original to the television series which by far was the most scarce of them all and very difficult to attain (as well as expensive). Years later, replicas of the originals were made in various types and modes but nothing like the originals. I too am laughing about your Paw Paw and Jiffy Pop ... now that brings memories, but never did that while watching Star Trek though. I don't think Trekkies (or Trekkers) had any age limitations at all. But as for your brother, yes, I feel his pains when the show came to an end and only to be advised that "to be continued" ... Arrggghh! However, pertaining to your family and his wife, your woes about having to suffer with a Trek-A-Holic, that is just one thing that will never die ... it is in their blood forever, unfortunately. :-/

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Of course, when your iMDB entry lists 146 entries for "Composer" alone, can we really say we are all that surprised? I remember something bugging me as I listened to the _Titanic_ soundtrack, so I found my brother's copy of the _Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan_ soundtrack. The music when both ships are leaving dock is note-for-note the same.

Awahili Guni
Awahili Guni

Err - is my age showing but while going through all the albums (NO you can't have the original Jackson 5; posted it before anyone asked or AC/DC, Zepplin, Cooper, yadda yadda yadda) and 45s' / 35s' plus 10s' (very rare) .... I actually found the LP Album (original) of Star Trek! I knew I had it but exactly where was it, not a clue. (I know, I know, I am profoundly deaf; yet exceeding possessive of my records still goes around yanking arms of discarded record players just for the diamond needle which I have about 60+ of them so far - if you must know; I actually have my grandparent's RCA (HUGE) Stereo that is a MFC (LOL!); the first with AM & FM Radio - Stereophonic (we call it Stereo today); 8 track with 8 track slot so one could play cassettes, multi-purpose record player. Yes, it works beautifully as if you just purchased it brand new. I am actually going to add Korg monitors and wire it as I did before to make it a surround sound (It's tremendously awesome with Star Wars Theme (the first movie) where everything literally rumbles - HAHAHHAHAHAHA!) Off the topic again ---------> Back to Star Trek; here's the interesting thing I never realized, that the original LP Album actually never had the photo images of the Star Trek Characters (Just like the first print, first edition books I owned plus the illegal bubble-gum pack set and legitimate set) - were drawn and colored in and printed! The SECOND EDITION of it only contained just the USS Enterprise 1701 in space, but in photo format. Weird. Here's the answer to the trivia which is very hard to find: The difficulties in finding the singers to sing "AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh's" in that unworded theme song was exceedingly difficult! How many singers did it take to perform that song? ANSWER: 1 Brandi Carlie Her voice was so fitting and perfect in hitting all the notes from lowest to the highest! AMAZING isn't it?

Awahili Guni
Awahili Guni 2 Like

Trekkie here, I had all the very first paperback books "hot off the press" as soon as they hit the shelf at the specific Major Department Stores ... Montgomery Wards (later Wards) was the only one around here that sold them. How highly illogical! Later, Waldenbook Stores picked it up, but those were only the second or third run of the mills. I was one of the lucky ones. :) Not to mention the USS Enterprise Model - Oh My Gosh - just thinking of it has given me a headache! Never mind to the fact it was expensive (back then it was) but it was huge; being it all "white" but putting it together ... do you realize how many testor paints one had to go through to make USS Enterprise to look like the original in the finest details? ::: THUD ::: Plus my mom's constant nagging that I was wasting my money on the Star Trek (1st print / 1st Edition with Stickers - that one that included the illegal production before it was pulled off the shelves and the corrected version came out) Bubble Gum Cards (Topps - I think it was, so long ago). And OHHHHHHHHHHHH - how I hated it when they never warned you that it was going to be a 2 part episodes until the last minute! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! My biggest regrets? I sold them all, made a huge fortune out of them, nevertheless, we needed the money at that given time; the signed cards and books went very high at a premium price for I kept them all in a special container. As for the huge USS Enterprise that which I hand-painted it where if one inspected it, it was perfect; having the original box made it even more vaulable. A very well known Model Store bought it at a premium price for it where he did what I did, used nearly invisible fishing lines to hang it, but it was marked "NOT FOR SALE" even though went I went in - He would let me know people asked for it, made tremendous offers and his answer was - pointing to the sign. The box was up there still in the same bag that I had; because he collected very rare models including scarce ones; you couldn't break in if you wanted to - cameras were everywhere so were iron bars. Then one day, I entered, it wasn't there anymore - when I asked; he told me he had sold it, it was either shutting his business down or selling it to keep his business alive; in which he had discussions with his sons, it was a hard thing - customers always loved it, for it was the first production (the box indicates it) and those were scarce as is a very wealthy millionaire bought it all and in turn his business was kept alive. He realized he had done the right thing, just so as it was in hard times for me, it did for him - bills were paid and he was ahead, in addition to stocking up on rare and scarce collectibles - what people do not realize is the INSURANCE coverage on his business alone is a fortune! I still have the very first personal book from William Shatner himself, I wrote to him and asked for the first print, but he surprised me when he requested for 25 for his family and friends; personally signed the HARDBACK with a special cover that is different (he paid for this) from the Public Version - which he has both. That is the only one I have. The other Star Treks' Off Springs - just wasn't the same, but the Movies ... they were awesome, even when USS Enterprise was itself "updated" from the old version. Live Long and Prosper - but don't ask me what episode I like, for there are so many; Bones wouldn't be able to help me here - LOL! Sick bay wouldn't elevate this Trekkie blood out of me, but I assure you - I don't have green blood! :-D


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