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Geek Gifts 2011: UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball from Gopher

The UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball can be a good choice for a desktop chair, but be sure to select the correct size.

Before Leo Laporte built his new studio and acquired his new high-back chair, he used to sit on a stability ball while he did his TWiT network shows. His leadership inspired me to give it a try, so I purchased an UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball from Gopher Sport. Using a stability ball as a desk chair has its advantages, but there are some lessons to be learned from my experience as well.

UltraFit balls come in four sizes


  • Company: Gopher
  • Product: UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball
  • Size: 55cm (22" diameter), Green other sizes and colors available
  • Cost: $31.95 (22")
  • Additional information

What I like

  • Exercise: Sitting on a stability ball will force you to exercise your mid-section, which should, in time, strengthen your abdomen muscles.
  • Focus: One side effect I did not expect is that sitting on the ball in the afternoons, a time at which I often get sleepy, will keep you focused and awake. At least it will if you don't want to fall off the ball on to the floor.
  • Novelty: If you like being a bit on the unusual side, sitting on a fitness ball is one way to express your individuality. The sight of seeing a man of my girth sitting on the UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball was apparently quite a sight to see.

What I don't like

  • Set up process: You can't just take a new UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball out of its package and start pumping air into it. There is a process involving the gradual expansion of the ball. I learned this the hard way and I had to deflate my fitness ball and start over.
  • Maneuverability: One thing I found I was missing when sitting on the UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball was the ability to roll to another part of my desk. My normal chair has wheels so it is easy to slide to the left or right to get access to one of my test machines, but with a fitness ball I have to get up and physically move the ball into the right position.

Caveats to consider

  • The right ball: Size is a very important consideration when purchasing your fitness ball. I chose the green (22 inches) ball for my review, but I think I would have been better served with the 26 inch in diameter ball (blue). Take a minute to measure how far off the ground you need to sit for the sake of ergonomics and make sure to purchase the fitness ball that is slightly larger than that height.
  • Air pump: Gopher does not send an air pump with the basic UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball and the balls do not self-inflate, so make sure you have a good air pump available. I used a good hand-driven air pump, which worked well, but it was certainly a long way from quiet or non-strenuous.
  • Fitness: This should be obvious, but better safe than sorry. The UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball is not appropriate for everyone. Sitting on a fitness ball does take at least some muscle coordination, so be sure you can manage the physical requirements before you run out and get one.

Geek Gift bottom line

The UltraFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball is a good, albeit different, choice for a desktop chair. It will help you get some exercise while you work and it will help you keep your focus when you would be typically suffering from afternoon sleepiness. Just remember to get the size of ball that is most appropriate for your situation - learn from my experience.

Geek Gift Score (out of 5)

  • Fun factor: ***
  • Geek factor: ****
  • Value: ***
  • Overall: ***

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Do Not Taunt Ultrafit Anti-burst Stability Ball.


As a programmer, I tend to be in my chair most of the day, with a few stretches and lunch. I recently bought a replacement chair that had good lumbar support, but had to take it back. The padding compressed and did not recover during lunch, let alone during the stretches, so it was less comfortable than the old chair it was to replace. How about other comfort factors, like heat/cold. On a side note, I learned that you are supposed to keep your feet out from under yourself, otherwise circulation is dimished.


For me, a ball is superior to a chair. My back doesn't ache, my ankles don't swell (which they do with sitting) and I do stay more alert. But as Mark states, it is essential to get a ball large enough, which can be a challenge. They are definitely worth trying, and are a heck of a lot cheaper than a Herman Miller ;-)

Mark W. Kaelin
Mark W. Kaelin

Have you tried using a stability ball as a desktop chair? Tell us about it.


on which body part you land on... and what's in the way of your fall :) But generally, the human body is made for work, not lounging. Working in a non-harmful way is generally... not harmful. Whereas loafing about certainly can be :)

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