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Geeky gifts for under $50

If you know a geek who likes gaming, Marvel characters, Doctor Who, steampunk, or Star Wars, watch his or her face light up when you give them a gift from this list.
The holidays are upon us and perhaps the most difficult presents to find are the stocking stuffers, the office gifts, and the small presents for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. We found some of the best gifts for under $50 that are sure to please the geeks on your list. TechRepublic's guide to geeky gifts for under $50 is available in gallery format and in list format below.

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Disclaimer: News reports tell us that holiday shopping is way up this year, and we are seeing the proof of that. Some items are going in and out of stock very rapidly, and while we tried to only list items that are still available, we just can't keep up with the shoppers! Our apologies if you find items on this list that are no longer available.

  1. JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick
  2. Han Solo in Carbonite Chocolate Bar
  3. Gentoo Penguin Media Case
  4. Ex-press Yourself Stamp Set
  5. Marvel Character Aprons
  6. Marvel Hero Cookie Cutter Set
  7. Bacon Wallet
  8. Steampunk Wrist Monocular
  9. Doctor Who Call Alert Charm
  10. R2-D2 Folding Chair
  11. Smartphone Glove Pads
  12. Amazing Christmas Tree Kit
  13. Bird Canary in the Outlet Nightlight
  14. Free to Roam Travel Case
  15. Friendly Robot Necklace
  16. Galaxy Socks
  17. Impossiball
  18. Star Wars Light Saber Room Light
  19. Blue High Score Media Case
  20. Water Signs Ring
  21. Mforcer Mini Marshmallow Gun
  22. Star Wars Death Star Planetarium
  23. Perplexus 3D Puzzle
  24. All My Friends Are Dead book

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