Hot software downloads in 2011

Disk analysis and optimization, PC diagnostics, and security are among the themes of the software downloads in this year-end roundup.

These seven software downloads are among the most downloaded items from TechRepublic's Software directory in 2011. It's no surprise to see Systinternals on this list, as we've observed there's a great deal of interest in this topic among TechRepublic members. See what other six downloads make up the list.

  1. FREE Disk Performance Analyzer For Networks
  2. DiskMax 4.56 (Windows)
  3. Total PC Health 3.0 (Windows)
  4. Free PDF To Word Converter 1.5 (Windows)
  5. Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6.2 (Windows)
  6. Sysinternals Suite (Windows)
  7. KeePass 2 Portable 2.14 (Windows)

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There is a program available for Linux called Wine that lets you run Windows programs in Linux.With Pendrive Ubuntu you can download and try various programs.Wine doesn't let you run every program though.You can,however,get some experience with installing and running software without them being on your hard drive.It's kind of iffy here.VBox for Linux and some ISO's and you can see how an operating system is installed.If you're trying to get a program into VBox you can use a CD or a pen drive.They just need to be clicked in in the Devices tab.Shared folders is another but it's difficult.


Where can I download it please

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