Real estate bubble leads to sci-fi civic planning

If this doesn't prove that there's a massively overinflated real estate market bubble in the U.S., I don't know what will.

Apparently, completing 6.2 miles of the 710 freeway between Pasadena

and Long Beach would require buying so much money in overpriced

historic homes that digging a $2 billion underground freeway tunnel

beneath the swanky neighborhoods has surfaced as a viable option.

Let's repeat that: Building a $2 billion underground freeway is cheaper than buying a six-mile stretch of houses in Southern California! Yeah, that bubble is never going to burst.


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'Course in the Bay Area we have the same new roads and very little maintenance on the existing ones.


I wonder is they every build that tunnel? If they haven't, I wonder if the decision would have been that same now. :) Peter

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