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T-shirt of the week: HAL is watching

Big Brother is watching, and his name is HAL 9000.

HAL 9000 eye shirt

Big Brother is watching, and his name is HAL 9000. (This guy, not this guy.) Keep your fellow geeks in line, and your muggle coworkers confused, by reminding them that the Big Red Eye is always upon them, usually from the vantage point of your sternum. That should stop them from trying to jeopardize your mission -- or open the pod bay doors without you.


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Hal has got nothing on Iron Man's chest ornaments...


Hal didn't like it that the creatures that he was taking care of were descended from apes.He didn't like anybody being transported in suspended animation.And he didn't like traveling at sub light speeds with the engines running.Hal was the hero in the movie.

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