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The biggest geek on planet Earth: Jonathan Vos Post

Jonathan Vos PostSubmitted for your consideration (and found via Reddit), a candidate for the biggest geek on planet Earth: Dr. Jonathan Vos Post. He codes in over 30 computer languages, he holds multiple PhDs, and his personal, hand-built HTML listing of all known sci-fi authors (a list which includes himself) ranks fifth in a Google search for "science fiction." Also, I believe that's a photo of him holding a pair of Hugo Awards to his head, implying that he's won one of the most coveted awards in all of Sci-fi/Fantasy. So the next time you accuse me of being an ubergeek, try and have a little perspective.


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First off, the Google link didn't get the results you mentioned, Wiki didn't have anything, but a Google search on his name got 564,000 hits in 0.11 seconds. :D :D :D Prime hit got an awful web page, which I found impossible to read without using inverse video. But check out some of the entries there, WOW!!! Like JONATHAN'S ADVICE ON TALKING WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS. It's incredible, ty for the tips Jay, I'm gonna have a lotta fun browsing that lot. ;-)

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