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Video: Game designer Will Wright talks about SimCity, Spore, AI, and Care Bears

Watch these two interviews with video game designer Will Wright for an insider's look into the gaming industry. He talks about SimCity, Spore, the first game he loved, what he thinks makes a game a success or a failure, AI, the Care Bears, and more.

I found a GameSpot interview with game designer Will Wright from February 2008 that I thought Geekend readers would enjoy; it reminds me of the questionnaire on Inside the Actors Studio. In this almost 10 minute video, he talks about the first game he loved, his educational background, how he started working in games, what he thinks makes a game a success and what makes a game a failure, his aspirations to learn more about artificial intelligence, that he is utterly fascinated with Care Bears, and more.

In this recent CBS News video, Wright discusses how he came up with the idea for SimCity and what he thinks is interesting about "god-like games." He also offers details about his latest game, Spore. He says he wanted to give the player more creative control because it increases the emotional attachment to the game.

(Note: GameSpot and CBS News are CBS Interactive brands.)


Mary Weilage is a Senior Editor for CBS Interactive. She has worked for TechRepublic since 1999.


I am getting sick and tired of people who write shit and not link to the original source. Sure you use crappy utube/flash videos that SUCK but you're as bad as CBS, try and search for this video, you get everything but WTF you're looking for. Maybe you should consider another job as you cannot backup your sources. I am also sick and tired of all the scripts that take forever to load the friggin webpage. And this is supposed to be a tech sight. I'd have better luck finding proper information via idiotic hackers.....

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