Poll Results: Are you using Google Hangouts for anything?

IT professionals on TechRepublic are approaching Google Hangouts cautiously.

On May 10, 2012, I posted a simple, straightforward question in the Google in the Enterprise Blog on TechRepublic:

Are you using Google Hangouts for anything?

I wasn't exactly sure what the response would be, but I anticipated there would be some mild use by TechRepublic members of the Google Hangout feature. After all, it is still a new feature that will take some time to work its way into more widespread use.

Well, the results tend to support my hypothesis. About a quarter of you are early adopters and have jumped into Google Hangouts feet first. The rest of the IT professionals on TechRepublic are taking a slower, more considered approach to this Google+ feature.

However, I am curious, for those using Google Hangouts, is it a good choice for meetings? TechRepublic has expanded international coverage and we are toying with the idea of Google Hangouts for our editorial meetings - do hangouts work for collaborative meetings?


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I belong to a community of higher education users of Adobe's CQ Web Content Management software, and a few months ago one of our leaders/founders suggested holding our quasi-monthly online meetup (usually run using Adobe Connect) in a Google+ Hangout instead. I thought it was a FAILURE, mainly because we were limited to 10 concurrent participants. Sometimes we have 3 participants, that time we had about 14 folks who wanted to join in. Several participants who were within walking distance of each other had to physically combine in a single user's office in order for all the folks wanting to join in to do so. The learning curve was a little steep too. Not intuitive as most Google services are. So for REALLY SMALL groups, it might be OK but we went back to CONNECT. No limits there.


The tech blog for my University uses Hangout to collaborate on posts and discussions about the blog each week.

Mark W. Kaelin
Mark W. Kaelin

Do Google Hangouts work for collaborative meetings?

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