A reading list for IT consultants

IT consultants Rick Freedman and Erik Eckel recommend books that cover how to establish your brand, acquire clients, migrate to agile project management, and more.

In the TechRepublic gallery 19 books for an IT consultant's library, we feature reading recommendations from contributors Rick Freedman and Erik Eckel. The texts cover how to establish your brand, acquire clients, migrate to agile project management, and much more. Some of the titles on the list may surprise you because they are not specific to IT consultants; Rework and How Doctors Think are two examples.

Here is the list of the 19 titles featured in the gallery:

1. Managing the Professional Service Firm

2. The Intellect Industry

3. The Business of Consulting

4. The Consultant's Legal Guide

5. How to Establish a Unique Brand in the Consulting Profession

6. How to Acquire Clients

7. Get Clients Now!

8. Proposal Development

9. Facilitating with Ease!

10. Inspire Any Audience

11. Flawless Consulting

12. High-Impact Consulting

13. Rework

14. Unfolding the Napkin

15. How Doctors Think

16. Information Technology Project Management

17. Radical Project Management

18. Rapid Development

19. Software Project Survival Guide

For more reading recommendations (including some non IT-related material), check out the posts 10 books every IT pro should read and 10 security books for the future and the gallery 75 must-read geek books.

What IT consulting book do you recommend that isn't on the list? Post your book selection in the discussion.

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Time Management for Systems Administrators (forget the author). I found this book to be helpful in at least organizing my time and working efficiently for customers on projects. It's a great book and I would recommend reading it.


What about Rick Freedman's foundational book, "The IT Consultant"?


"Secrets of Consulting" and "More Secrets of Consulting" by Gerald Weinberg. Full disclosure: I know Jerry, and he doesn't need me to sell his books. Get it from the library first. Buy it when you decide you really want a copy. Also - in the forward he thanks "Sherby" for the idea. His names was really "Sherbie" - I know because I am son-of-Sherbie. His three (count them 3) rules of consulting were: 1. No matter what they tell you, they have a problem. 2. No matter what they tell you, it's a People Problem. 3. You are getting paid by the hour, not by the solution 4. If you are doing arithmetic over third-grade level, you are probably too complex (Note any three needs a good fourth.)


lol I read this too fast - I see that Rick has contributed recommendations to this list so (humbly), he may not recomend his own books.

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