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Bill Gates has been reading my blog again

Remember the post I made on April 12 about the U.S. education system falling behind in science and high-tech education? Well, on Monday, Bill Gates gave a talk to the Society of American Business Editors & Writers in which he said, "the United States is in grave danger of losing its economic advantages to fast-growing nations like China, unless the country restores its lead in education and other policies supporting growth." The article also mentioned, "Cisco Systems and Intel executives also have cast recent spotlights on the need to improve schools, and particularly math and science education, in order to remain competitive."

Of course, the likelihood that Bill Gates actually read my blog is as infinitesimal as the universe is large. Still, I appreciate Bill's support on this issue. :-)


Jason Hiner is Editor in Chief of TechRepublic and Long Form Editor of ZDNet. He writes about the people, products, and ideas changing how we live and work in the 21st century. He's co-author of the upcoming book, Follow the Geeks.


Been gainfully (painfully?) employed as an engineer/scientist (2 grad degrees) for over 35 years and cracked 6 figures about 10 years ago. Should have been a HS basketball star or teenage American Idol at $10 million per year instead. Any wonder our kids have little interest in a career at math and science? Today, as a private consultant, I charge as much as my plumber or auto mechanic. Don't get me wrong..I enjoy my work and derive great satisfaction from it. It is just that our priorities in this country are very screwed up. Atlas Shrug

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