Dell plans to sell computers at Wal-Mart

It seems that Dell is making a foray into higher retail availability of its computers and it could end up being a big deal for the world's number one computer manufacturer. On April 24th, Dell announced a deal with Wal-Mart that would feature Dell models on the shelves of over 3,000 stores. The move by Michael Dell, recently hired as CEO of the company he founded, comes after the previous chief executive was ousted following "disappointing financial results." Read the Houston Chronicle article.

With this move, Michael Dell has shown that he is willing to make changes in the company in order to continue the computer manufacturer's dominance. Another move, purchasing Alienware, will help Dell bring in the higher margins on performance gaming PCs that they will lose selling bulk machines through Wal-Mart. Still, ninety percent of Americans shop at Wal-Mart, whose retail delivery system should make for strong sales.

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What do these moves mean for Dell? Are the PC manufacturer's recent dip in sales an abberation or do they signify the beginning of a trend? What will the recent Alienware and Wal-Mart deals bring? Join the discussion.


I will definitely buy a DELL Ubuntu PC to arrive in ASDA (UK Walmart). I've had problems with Ubuntu 7.04 on old hardware (and have stuck with 6.06) but i imagine DELL will make sure it works !

Andy J. Moon
Andy J. Moon

Dell's recent moves are definitely bold ones, but in my opinion, will erase the recent slump in sales even as it lowers profit margins. The acquisition of Alienware will also be a good one for Dell as long as they keep their attention to detail and quality of parts up for the rabid gamers. Those guys are as OCD about their gear as my son is about closing doors. I like the recent moves and believe that this will help to cement Dell in as the dominant player in the hardware market for the forseeable future. What do you think?

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