gBox music service to challenge Apple's iTunes' online dominance

gBox, the online music service company, will be providing online DRM free music, along with a nifty new feature that lets users add a wish list of songs to their blogs/profiles so that they can be "gifted" with the music.

Here's a quote from an article on the BBC:

The new service is offering downloads of Universal Music artists including Prince, 50 Cent and Johnny Cash without the customary copy protection technology known as DRM - digital rights management.

Though Universal is said to be trying a model run to "study" the effect of selling DRM free music online (that will remain until January 2008), what is very interesting about this site is the social networking angle that is being added to selling music.

The Gift Widget feature lets gBox users create a URL for their wish list of songs that they can paste on their blogs or in their MySpace profiles. Visitors can buy the songs for the list owners by using the URLs as links. If gBox can continue with similar innovative features, perhaps it could prove to be a good competitor to Apple's iTunes, which enjoys a pretty hefty market share in the online music retailing space.

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What other features do you think can arrest market share from Apple's iTunes?


Have you tried gBox? I have... and I didn't like it. The pop-under ad was a killer! Very limited catalog of songs. Only works on Windows with IE. The whole buy versus gift capability was extremely confusing. I was unsuccessul in downloading the song I purchased. Still waiting to hear from gBox. I will continue to use iTunes and hope that one day, either Amazon or iTunes will come up with a wishlist application that I can place on my social network and blog pages.


Will GBox prove a big competitor to Apple's iTunes?

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