HP launches new ProCurve switch

Hewlett-Packard recently announced a new high-performance core switch. With its sizzling core-switching capacity of 692Gbit/sec, the new ProCurve 8212zl switch is also the first core switch that ProCurve has sold with its familiar lifetime warranty.

Here's an excerpt from Computerworld on some of the technical specifications of the ProCurve 8212zl switch:

The new switch - a chassis that stands nine rack units high has room for 12 modules. Its performance capacity is 692Gbit/sec on as many as 288 Gigabit ports and up to 48 ports running 10 Gigabit Etherhet. It also provides Gigabit Power over Ethernet capability.

Analysts agree that the lifetime warranty would be a big draw for customers.

Says Rob Whiteley, an analyst at Forrest Research Inc., "By far, the most popular aspect of all ProCurve products is the warranty." Agreeing, Matthias Machowinski, an analyst from Infonetics Research, adds, "You can't argue with a lifetime warranty."

I personally run a layer-3 HP switch as the backbone of my company's network. What about you? Would you consider using ProCurve products at your workplace?


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Would you consider ProCurve products at your workplace?


I am hoping that they will branch out into the consumer market as well. They confrom to IEEE standards and definitions. They don't create proprietary protocols. They have reasonable certification costs. They offer free software updates. They are the only networking gear to date that is on the ISS (International Space Station) because there equipment could handle the elevated radiation levels. Take that Cisco.


At a cost-per-port measured as a fraction of Cisco's, I'd be crazy not to. But remember the bad old days, when "no-one ever got fired for buying IBM"? Seems Cisco is the new IBM, illogically holding top networking position year after year. Enterasys, it must be said, also offer the lifetime warranty, and also with on-site swap out, also coming back to collect the faulty unit after you have done the (usually after-hours) replacement, so they are also worth a close look. But my money would still be with the hp kit - really really nice boxes to work with, and the management software that is bundled with them blows me away.

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