Intel and Infineon to develop high-density SIM cards

Intel and Infineon have announced their joint venture to develop SIM cards with 32-bit security and on card memory ranging from 4 MB to 64 MB!

An excerpt from CBR:

"Hardware-based security and memory in the double-digit megabyte range are a necessity for enhanced address books, location-based services and other innovative applications based on smart card Web server technology," said Helmut Gassel, general manager of the Chip Card and Security ICs unit at Infineon, in a statement.

The first samples are expected to be out by second quarter next year, with an estimation that the HD-SIMs will make 6% to 8% of the total SIM market by 2010.

It is indeed great news that the commonest element of the GSM network, the SIM card, also benefits from the leaps in IC miniaturization and solid state memory technology.

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There is a type of SIM card that I know that is available in Mobile phones like my Nextel i560. or is this something totally different and is hardware based encryption with long ass passwords that take 64 MB?


It's the same as what's in your Nextel phone...with much higher capacity.


Ah, thanks. I get it now. Man, mine must be under 1 MB then, with only room to save 600 contacts and 25 groups....

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