Intel to roll out Penryn line of processors based on 45 nanometer process

Intel will announce its new line of microprocessors based on the 45 nm process on Monday.

An excerpt from CNN:

With the new transistor design, combined with a new 45-nanometer manufacturing process, Intel can make cheaper, more powerful processors. And that could mean lower price tags for consumers next year on personal computers, servers and a host of electronic goods.

The new chipmaking technology follows Intel's 'tick-tock' strategy for new chip making processes and new chip designs in alternating-year cycles.

The new Penryn chip will compete with arch rival AMD's Barcelona server chips and Phenom desktop chips. Not to forget that AMD is working on a platform called Spider or what they like to refer as the era of 'gaming supercomputing' (BBC). A review of the processor is available at ZDNet.

More information:

Will the Penryn maintain Intel's lead over AMD?


Will the Penryn maintain Intel?s lead over AMD?

Adam Eisenberg
Adam Eisenberg

With an open possibility for the user to get a "[url=http://www.tomshardware.com/2007/10/29/intel_penryn_4ghz_with_air_cooling/page12.html]gain up to 19% more performance[/url]" and with the result of [url=http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/IDF-Quad-Core-Conroe-Overclocking,news-26347.html]overclocking ability of up to 5.9 GHz[/url] we've seen at IDF I guess Penryn has very good chances. I expect we'll see much improvement in running virtual machines on X48 with 1600 MHz bus speeds on large amounts of data and queries that VM send to processor during their work. I expect we'll purchase a set of servers for our virtual farm.

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