Microsoft releases beta of Office 2007 SP1

Office 2007 SP1 Microsoft has released the first beta of Office 2007 Service Pack (SP) 1. To refresh your memory, Office 2007 was released to manufacturing (RTM) on November 6, 2006.

The availability of the Office 2007 SP1 Beta has been confirmed by Microsoft officials, though they declined to share any information on what fixes and updates are included in the pack.

The Office team also declined to provide a final release target date for the service pack.

According to a Microsoft spokeswoman:

“We have a long history of securing feedback around future technologies from customer and partners. We have invited a very small number of customers and partners to participate in early testing of future products. We have nothing new to share around timing of future releases.”

You can read more on this from ZDNet Blogs.

Does your company have any plans to upgrade to Office 2007 now that SP1 will probably be due soon?


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I was getting so confused and frustrated trying to get my mind wrapped around how the Office 2007 file formats and features are compatible with previous Office versions, that I finally bit the bullet and tested it up one side and down the other. I was relieved to discover that IT WASN'T ME BEING STUPID... BECAUSE THERE IS A GOOD REASON I was so confused!!! THE BEHAVIOR OF THE COMPATIBILTY TOOLS (Compatibility Mode, Compatibility Checker, Feature Refresh, and Compatibility Pack) IS SO DIFFERENT depending on the Application you're using, that it would be impossible to simply learn "how to handle compatibility in Office 2007". You have to learn how to handle compatibility in Word 2007, then re-learn how to handle it in Excel 2007, then re-learn how to handle it in PowerPoint 2007.... even if you're doing the same exact task, using the same exact features (or no features at all!) So, I put this presentation together to help others out there who are trying to help themselves (and their users) understand it: Feel free to re-distribute... but be sure you test the scenarios in your own environment to be sure you are getting the same results!


Doesn't this just show that Microsoft seem to hurry the release of new software at times when they see competition on the horizon, to try to retain market share, whether or not the software is actually ready for release. After all even Vista has a Service pack due out soon, SQL Server 2005 has had two, and that's just for their PC Market. Accounting 2007 Pro has had its service pack one released - how much further will it go. Why don't software providers, generally, get it right.I understand that as hackers find ways around the security add-ins are necessary, but why create hackable software in the first place.


Does your company have any plans to upgrade to Office 2007?

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