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Special Report for Women in IT: Marketing tech products

TechRepublic's Sonja Thompson talks to Andy Marken of Marken Communications about why more businesses aren't getting it right when it comes to marketing technology to women.


I've talked about marketing tech products for women before, and the TechRepublic audience has given me feedback that, while pink and pretty are aesthetically pleasing, functionality is a must.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Andy Marken of Marken Communications about this very topic, and he wonders why more businesses aren't getting it right when it comes to marketing technology to women. See Andy's full report, Insider 95, the Tech Ready Woman. Marketing to women in IT

Andy and I discuss some products that are currently targeted towards women, including notebooks, mobile phones, and mp3 players. Andy also provides some stats, such as a recent study that shows females are the largest percentage of content developers, producers, and uploaders.

According to Andy, "We see a significant need in the PC/CE industry to not have geeks (who are primarily male) designing the products for ‘their people' when we know a bundle of technical saavy ladies who are forced to use products that aren't intuitive and real-world designed and tested."

Listen to the podcast, and then please take a stab at one or more of the following questions: Do you think marketers and product makers could do a better job targeting women when it comes to IT? What companies and products would you recommend for techie gals? If you're a woman, what features do you think make a product great? Are these great products gender specific, or do they appeal to both sexes alike?


Sonja Thompson has worked for TechRepublic since October of 1999. She is currently a Senior Editor and the host of the Smartphones and Tablets blogs.

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