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Technology auto lock down: Just add alcohol

Do you like to drink heavily? Do you have absolutely no self-control when it comes to refraining from getting behind the wheel of your vehicle when you're schnockered? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, Nissan's new concept car may be for you. Check out the article on News.com: "Nissan gets testy with drunk drivers."

Here's a little snippet from the article:

Nissan is testing alcohol-detection sensors that check odor, sweat, and driver awareness, issue a voice alert from the navigation system, and lock up the ignition if necessary.

Odor sensors on the driver and passenger seats read alcohol levels, while a detector in the gear-shift knob measures the perspiration of the driver's palm when starting the car.

Nissan's car also includes a mounted camera that monitors alertness by eye scan, ringing bells, and issuing a voice message that a driver should pull over and rest.

Seriously, if you are concerned enough to purchase this car (that is, for the specific purpose of not driving drunk), maybe you should look into putting those hard-earned dollars down for treatment.

Personally, I'll wait until someone develops a car that drives itself - just type in the destination and then pass out in the back seat. Perfect!


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Can it differentiate between a 17 Year old Malt Whiskey and bottle of blended? And can it select the appropriate glass depending on your favourite tipple? If not then to be honest it's a pretty useless piece of software. For a start you can wear gloves to drive and avoid the perspiration on your hands and leave the windows open at 100 mph will surely confuse the hell out of it trying to work out how many parts per million of alcohol it can sense! Much better to get a taxi! And how long is it before this technology gets into the main stream? There'll be no more fossil fuels to run it on anyway, so all we'll end up doing is showing our kids in the museum in 50 years time how clever we weren't!

Neil Higgins
Neil Higgins

Here in the UK,as everywhere else,I should imagine,the law takes a dim view of being intoxicated whilst (not) in control of the vehicle.However,I have "typed in " a destination on my Sat Nav,and it has either sent me along the long and winding road,when friends,at my journey's end,have told me of a shorter route.Or the damn thing has failed to work,due to "sensor errors" (yeah-right).I have hit the steering wheel,done a new-age dance,and spoken expletives in a language that probably exists,somewhere,in the distressed guide for the insane.I would sooner have the "beam me up Scotty" approach.But knowing my luck....

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