VMware announces VMware Fusion for Mac

Just in case you have missed this, VMware has announced the pre-order availability and pricing for VMware Fusion for Mac. VMware Fusion for Mac allows you to simultaneously run all the usual operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Netware, and Solaris without having to reboot.

This is hot on the heels of the launch of Parallels Desktop for Mac just recently.

According to the press release:

VMware current plans to make VMware Fusion generally available prior to the end of August 2007 for a suggested retail price of $79.99.

At a glance, some of the cool features appear to be the “battery pass-through,” which allows users to monitor the battery life of their Macs from within the virtual machines. Also, SuperDrive support for read-write of CD/DVD inside a non-Mac VM is present.

More tellingly is support for 3-D graphics support. Also, a feature called Unity has cropped up that integrates Windows XP applications with Mac OS applications and allows users to save Windows application to the Mac OS X dock.

As with Parallex Desktop for Mac, VMware Fusion is also able to run individual Windows application windows and dialog on the Mac desktop.

Ah, what a touch of competition can do to speed up the pace of innovation.

Now, if your CEO comes into the office later, demanding a MacBook due to tech-envy, would you get Parallels or VMware to run the company’s enterprise applications on his laptop? Join the discussion.


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Now, if your CEO is to come into the office later demanding a MacBook due to tech-envy, would you get Parallels or VMware to run the company?s enterprise applications on his laptop?

Neon Samurai
Neon Samurai

If I had a CEO that would come to my desk with such a request that is. This is not a fully educated opinion as I've not done the leg work on Parallels though I would before making a real recommendation. - VMware is cross platform and stomps the other Windows based offerings for efficiency in running VM. - Parallels only runs on osX. - Xen only runs on *nix and is focused on a different reason for VMs. - VirtualPC, bahahahaha.. I can't even keep a strait face long enough to offer a reason for not choosing it.


based on the little info provided I'd have to go with Fusion. The key is the higher level of integration. My main questions would be in regards to performance. As I understand it, Parallels does not allow each VM to use the full processor. If VMware does this differently and the listed features are accurate, then VMware Fusion is the clear winner in my eyes.

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