War of the phones

Well, the topic spells it out. There's a war going on out there. It's a war for the de-facto mobile communication start-point to end-point for all users. First, we had the momentous debut of the iPhone, another feather in Apple's cap. Now, we have pretty strong rumors of a GPhone and the not-yet-mainstream rumor of a PlayStation phone from Sony Ericsson.

iPhone vs. GPhone

Is this the mega-clash to watch out for? The GPhone will be one giant stride for Google. For one, it explains why Google never came out with an OS when all and sundry were commenting on a GoogleOS to combat Microsoft's hegemony. Simply, Google had its eyes set on another platform. And there is immense room in the market for both the iPhone and the GPhone to be successful.

More phones in the lurking?

Yes, there's one trend that is surfacing. Communication is the core, and any product around it is big money. With deep pockets, a skilled design team, and a "killer app," perhaps a phone is not a bad idea. Consider this, there was another rumor rife at the Leipzig Games Convention that Sony Ericsson was planning a PlayStation-based phone (PocketGamer) somewhere down the line.

With online advertising as the mainstay of its success, Google has a lot of options to play with to determine the price of the GPhone. Many people think that it will cost less than the iPhone, but with similar features.

What often intrigues me is how the traditional mobile phone heavy weights are not at the center of this innovation flux. Did they never see these coming, a whole industry becoming a fundamental base for add-on apps? As for a user, it's indeed a rollicking time to own a phone. So, with the limited speculation that is out there, would a GPhone interest you?


The big cell companies have seen this coming. They choose to do nothing but keep their rates as high as possible. Obvious when you look at the cellular data plans. It's only after a large Wi-Fi network is announced for a particular town or city that afterwards, the cell company seems to lower their rates. I noticed this with DSL and Cable services where in Philadelphia when Earthlink announced they are coming in with a Wi-Fi network, boom, all the sudden all the DSL and Cable rates came out with special low pricing. Jack T.


I think the mainstream cell companys are trying there best to keep there hands in the pockets of americans by preventing and or limiting the use of Wi-Fi. Tmobiles wi-fi phone is only usable on their hotspots. I think someone need to come up with a wi-fi device that uses any open wifi hotspot and is capable of voip as well as al other IP based functions. To be honest the IPhone has been around for years in the form of a laptop. With just an open wifi hotspot I can use e-mail make voip(Skype) calls and intetrnet. Someone needs to make a laptop in a phone. I will continue to use my laptop and refuse to let cell companies dicate what features I can and cannot use on my phone.

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