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$499 / $599 for a Playstation 3: No way!

Sony has announced that their next generation gaming system, the Playstation 3, will cost either $499 (for a 20GB hard drive) or $599 (for a 60GB hard drive). Sony plans to launch US sales Nov. 17--six days after the Japanese launch. According to "Sony is committed to shipping 4 million PS3s by Dec. 31 and another 2 million by March 31, 2007." Sony is banking on people paying a premium above Microsoft's Xbox 360 (priced at $399 and $299) for the PS3's Blue-ray DVD technology.

Personally, I'll pass on Sony's new platform, and I think many average gamers and families will too. At $600 dollars, the PS3 is for serious Sony fanboys only. You can buy a mid-range PC for $600, and I think many people will make this comparison. Sorry Sony, I think the PS3 is way over priced for mass consumption.


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First and foremost you can't expect your average tech savy consumer to be impressed with the PS3 unless they've done some product comparison. Regardless of whether or not you plan on investing in a BlueRay player you will eventually invest in a HD DVD. PS3 has a handle on that with their disc media formatting; as well as any other format CD/DVD you can shake a stick at. That alone justify's more than half the cost of the 60GB unit. Additionally, wi-fi access and a 3.2GHz Cell Processor for intense graphic's gaming and other media makes the PS3 more than worth it's weight in gold. So to all you who stand firm in your stubborn opinion of the PS3 not being reasonably priced...think again.


I'm not rushing out to buy a ps3 and probaly never will. I've have purchased a few months ago a ps2 to replace the old one that eventually died. Because of the release of ps3, the price of a ps2 has dropped considerably. As far as BlueRay goes, with the way the prices are here, I don't think there will be a hugh rush on them yet. Currently, the ps3 retails in Australia for about $999, and a Blue Ray player around the $1500 pricetag. I already have the internet on my pc, so I don't feel the need to purchase something that has internet compatibility and not use it. The amount that it costs here to buy a ps3 and blue ray player, I probaly could buy a couple of decent pcs, take a holiday, pay all the bills and numerous other things that would be more worthwhile spending that kind of money on.

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