Infographic: Holiday shopping security tips

Online shopping spikes in November and December. Remind your users, friends, and family to be vigilant by sharing this infographic of holiday shopping security tips.

Holiday shopping is upon us and more and more of it is done online, making it the perfect time for cybercriminals to try to get their cut. Remind your users (plus friends and family members) to use caution by sharing this infographic of holiday shopping security tips, courtesy of ZoneAlarm. It also includes some fun facts about online shopping trends and average spending.

Click for a larger version.


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These 'Infographs' seem to be interesting and have a lot of information. You may want to consider, however, these are miserably difficult to print in such a way that they are useful. I dropped this one in a word doc and printed it out on a laser printer. Most of the text was unreadable, even with a magnifying glass. You may want to consider breaking these down into units that print pleasantly in a word doc. --Or was this your intention in the first place?

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